Yes!! The golden suite website, the worlds most transparent forex trading community is finally launching!

After building The Golden Suite community from the ground up on a universal application called slack, i decided to take the leap and create The Golden Suite and its members a super high quality and unique platform.

The Golden Suite now has its own platform which will serve as the foundations for me to keep building the best and most transparent forex trading community in the world.

Many beginner traders over the years have come to me for help and trading adviceā€¦ In fact that number is actually now over 1000 aspiring traders. Nearly everyone of my aspiring traders always ended up trading alone. This is where the idea of The golden Suite was born, a transparent trading community pact with premium forex education tutorials, my personal watchlist, video analysis break downs , my personal trade positions and of course the community channel where we can all share and compare analysis. 

The Golden Suite has grown quicker and bigger than i could have ever imagined and has become a central hub for aspiring and experienced forex traders to trade together. 

If you need help with your trading take a 7 day free trail, sit back, enjoy the community and the education and see how The Golden Suite will have a positive impact on your trading journey. 

This blog will be used for continuous daily TGS updates and of course live analysis and forex updates. 

Written By Ryan Chandler

1 year ago (2019-04-25 18:40:20)