We completed last week with profits as per usual for Team TGS. Just because the markets are closed on Saturday and the majority of Sunday that does not mean that your trading has to stop for 2 days!

It’s essential to use the weekends as much as possible to practice practice practice and improve your forex trading skill set. You can simply do this by reviewing your trades you have taken for the week  and analysing where you could have improved. For example "Where could have I got a better entry?" "Could I have had a larger TP and a tighter SL to create a more beneficial RRR?" "Was there a scale in opportunity?" Here is just 3 examples of some of the ways we can keep improving our trading skillset.

You can also continue to improve your trading skillset by backtesting. Backtesting is where we can simply look at historical chart data and review setups that we would have taken using our strategies. If you have trading view the best way to backtest is to use the replay setting, this is where the candlesticks will literally replay in front of you from your desired date / time.

Just a few years ago I was a groundworker, digging holes for a living, driving diggers and dumpers, coming home covered in dirt, cement and a aching back! Now I am a professional forex trader living the life I used to dream of. Yes it may sound cliche but its true! We all have 1 thing in common and thats we all have to start somewhere. I literally practiced practiced practiced and backtested strategy after strategy until I was confident to start executing trades. I have literally spent thousands of hours in front of Mac staring at the charts and analysing day and night.

Now I have a skill that will last a life time! I am happy to finally say that I am Forex Entrepreneur.. and you can be to!

You just need to have that desire inside you to want to do more, that drive that kicks in when you are tired, the strength to keep going and the belief that you you will make it no matter what.

This life isn't for everyone, but if you believe you have what it takes and desire a life lived on your own terms then this life is for YOU!

If you haven't started already.. now is just as a good time than any!

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Written By Ryan Chandler

1 year ago (2019-05-13 13:55:16)