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No gamblers, opportunists, or people dreaming of instant wealth are welcome; only traders with a real commitment to establishing another source of income should apply for this funding program initiative.

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1 Phase Assessment

This is a 1 phase assessment where we will asses your true trading ability. If you can make 10% return in unlimited time (yes that's correct UNLIMITED TIME) and do not violate any of the 1 phase assessment rules then you will be eligible for funding.


Verification Phase

Bonus: Skip this phase and proceed to you funded trading account.


Congratulations Your Funded Account Is Waiting

You have demonstrated excellent trading technique and discipline, you are now eligible to join the Golden Suite Funded Traders.

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Account size
Max trading days
Min trading days
Max daily drawdown (-5%)
Max overall drawdown (-6%)
Target (10%)
One time fee
Buy challenge
Unlimited trading days No min trading days

The Golden Suite Funding Models

We have developed two funding models that give traders unlimited time to complete their assessments, allowing them to find a solution that fits their trading style. Please evaluate both funding assessments thoroughly before deciding on the one that is most appropriate for you.

1 Phase Assessment

You will have an unlimited amount of time to demonstrate your trading skills within only 1 Phase to reach the 10% target goal. Once the target is met, you'll trade with The Golden Suite's funded trading account that will feature a 75% split of any positive gains made on the live account to you, the trader.

We are not strict in terms of a time limit, so you can make it to the funded account in one day, or spend 50 days- whatever works best for you.

2 Phase Assessment

In this assessment you will demonstrate your trading ability in 2 phases, aiming for a realistic net gain of 10% in the first phase and 5% in the second phase. As we don't insist on a set time-frame, you have as much time you need to accomplish the targets.

Once both phases 1 and 2 have successfully been completed, you will be eligible to trade on The Golden Suite's funded trading account, keeping 75%.

Why is larger capital
essential for a trader?

You can see from this straightforward illustration that having more capital is crucial for a trader, especially if they aim for those professional-sized returns.

Step 1: Do Nothing, Next .Gen Is Working For YOU!

Many traders lack sufficient funds, resulting in weak risk management, impulsive trading decisions, and modest returns. For instance: a 10% return on a $1,000 account amounts to just $100 (hardly inspiring).


A trader can execute the exact same trades on a $100,000 account, they do not have to do any extra work, literally the exact same trades which takes the exact same time and effort and the reward is so much greater.

In this case $10,000 instead of $100.

Are you ready to take the funded trading account challenge?

Payout system

We use Deel as our method for withdrawal.

Traders can request their first withdrawal at any time in their trader dashboard, after the first successful withdrawal withdrawals can be no more frequently than once per thirty (30) days. So, if your account balance is positive (above the starting balance) on day one in your live account you can request a withdrawal. Additionally, if you want to leave the positive gains in the account and let them compound to increase your trading capital you have the flexibility to do so.

Withdrawals will be reviewed and processed within 1-3 business days, see FAQ for further info on withdrawals.

Step 3: Signal Valid, Execute The Trade.


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